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11:29am 12-07-2011
What a sad day. We live in Orange County and remember when Donna went missing. She was such a beautiful, intelligent, and giving person. A true angel here on earth. It is incomprehensible that the hideous monster is being released at all and after only 2.5 years. How does this happen? HOW?? We are so very truly sorry for your loss Reza Family and that you have to go through this torment again so soon. Our family's prayers are with yours and we will light a candle for Donna tonight to honor her life and memory.
8:06am 11-16-2011
I just saw a rerun of the Dr. Phil show and learned of your daughters experience. I cannot begin to tell you how my heart aches for your family. Being a mother of a 10 year old, I am constantly worrying about her and the people she will come into contact with in her life time. She says I am overprotective but hearing of stories such as yours just makes me realize you can never be too over protective. I am ashamed and shocked of the justice system we have. The fact that this guy admitted to dumping her in the ocean should be enough to put him away for a lifetime (true or not). It scares me to think that this man could possibly be out by now.
My hope for you is that you find some peace in your memories of your beautiful daughter.
5:47am 11-16-2011
In my thoughts and prayers!
4:06pm 10-19-2011
My Lovely Donna,
As we joined in marking the 24th anniversary of your birth in downtown Los Angeles. On this solemn occasion, we paused to remember your life and to offer comfort to the rest of your family and friends you left behind.
You have upheld the virtues of service to the less fortunate, sacrifices you’ve made, and selflessness that have always been the source of your strength. Your family, as the beneficiaries of your services, we have a sacred duty to serve communities as you would do. This is the legacy you have left behind, it is a path that we are pursuing for the future.
We are a resilient family, we draw strength from your strong spirit, and we do whatever humanly possible not just finding the truth about your ambiguous disappearance, but serve other victims and their families as well.
Happy Birthday my baby, you’re foremost in our thoughts, we will never forget you, and I will not rest until I find you. I promise to keep your light shining, a light so bright that nothing in the world could ever snuff it out.
I Love you deeply with my whole heart, I missed you my precious M….
Your dad, Reza
11:56pm 10-10-2011
This week should be a week of celebration for Donna's Birthday... Instead the family is still searching to bring her home. My prayers and love go out to each family member and friend of Donna. Love and Prayers.
2:46pm 09-07-2011
I just watched episode of The Dr.Phil Show and listened to the tragic story of your beautiful daughter, Donna and her disappearance. I was so overwhelmed by your grief and your urgent need to know where she was that I did something I've never done before. I did a search and read the heartbreaking news. I can't imagine the depth of your grief nor the sense of gross injustice. May the monster who took her, face each day truly understanding the enormity of what he has done; a precious life has been taken and a family will mourn her loss forever.
2:40pm 09-07-2011
I am so deeply sorry for your loss of your beautiful and giving daughter. I did not know her but your story simply breaks my heart and your strength is inspiring. I hope and pray that you find your beloved child and one day find the truth about what happened to her.
I'm sorry I have no information to offer but I could not help contacting you and just sending you my support and prayers.
God bless you and your daughter, may you one day find the peace you all so desperately deserve!
2:38pm 09-07-2011
This was the first night that I have heard about your loosing Donna. I saw a re-run today of the Dr. Phil show. I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to your family and I am very sorry about your situation. My heart broke tonight, and I could not even imagine how you must feel. I pray that one day you find closure and justice is served.
2:33pm 09-07-2011
I was watching the Dr. Phil show on the OWN channel and saw your family. I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you are and How wonderful Donna Jou was and what wonderful things she did for the world in her life! Thank-you for sharing all her accomplishments and lovely spirit. Your pain is felt by many, but so is your unwavering love. Her life, her essence, has touched so many people and I felt compelled to write you and wish your family many many blessings.
1:00pm 08-29-2011
When I learned your ambiguous disappearance on June 23, 2007, I was not handed a manual and given clear cut instructions on what to do and how to do it. I am still in the midst of what is likely the most traumatic event in my life. It seems like an impossible task, especially at night, I am alone to attempt to make sense of a senseless event.
It does not make sense, though, I wonder if the way I am feeling is normal. I question my own sanity as I deal with symptoms such as inability to sleep and memory issues. I experience a roller coaster of emotions such as guilt, fear, regret, anger, anxiety, and just plain numbness. I doubt my ability to go on. I want the nightmare to end.
I don’t know how long this journey will last, so it's important that I do all that I do, what I can to keep myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong for the day I have my answers.
7:44pm 08-07-2011
I sit here in total disbelief that we can send man to the moon, seek out Bin Laden and KILL HIM!!! Why can't we seek out this demonic monster? He needs to be seeked out and taken to his death.
I loved her the very first time we spoke as neighbors, and still today their lies an empty hole in my heart and all of my children's hearts to have her NOT here. Dear Lord, please bring us all to our knees in order to bring her back. Mr. Burgess, May God have mercy on you. You will burn in hell. Jesus said, "Do NOT even touch one strand of hair on my childrens heads, and Mr. YOU DID.!!! God will take care of you. I miss you Donna. Love, andrea, gabby, alex, alexis
11:31am 07-13-2011
I am truly impressed with the Donna Jou webpage. I can feel the emotion in Mr. Jou's letters to his daughter - the heartfelt messages bring tears to my eyes. I commend Mr. Jou and the family's restraint of vengence upon the perpetrator - I am not so sure that I could keep my anger and desire for retaliation under control against this scumbag. I will continue to pray for Donna's safe return to her family. "God please bring Donna home safely to her family" In Jesus name I pray.
2:10am 07-01-2011
I am still thinking of you, Donna.
It is a slap in the face that the monster who knows what truly happened to you got so little time. I pray that the truth comes out, and that your family may finally have some peace regarding whatever happened to you.
It has been four years, and we only knew each other a short while, but I will never forget you.
1:09am 06-23-2011
Reza, your situation is still very much remembered. Donna is in my thoughts and still honored, too. Your additions to the site have made it beautiful. Please know that people are still thinking and caring about you and your family.
5:12pm 05-02-2011
I simply cannot believe this man is being let out after so little time. I know people serving more time for such insignificant crimes. I will pray everyday that justice will be served. I believe people who care should protest outside of this man's house and not let him have peace until he gives us more information. He is a waste. Donna is obviously a precious gift to this world and would have done amazing work for the human race. How can this happen? No one is safe.
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