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12:37am 11-27-2020
I am still thinking of her and I have not forgotten.
7:02pm 07-21-2020
Sending prayers after 13 years.

5:54pm 10-26-2017
Lisa DeSherlia
Prayers that Donna will be brought home quickly, that someone (s) will have a heart and tell what they know, and that you will find out what happened to Donna!

I'm working on a post on my website about Donna.
12:49pm 10-15-2017
Sending Love and Prayers. This being Donna's Birthday weekend we send love to her and all the family. God Bless Each Of You~
1:28pm 06-24-2017
Larry and Victoria

Victoria and I send our love to you and your family. Please know that you are always in our thoughts.
3:28pm 11-10-2016
I am so incredibly sorry that you have to go through this. No parent should ever have to ever feel the heartache of not seeing their child and not knowing where she is. Please know that you will be forever in my prayers. Love from Kentucky.
7:47am 09-19-2016
I'm sorry for your loss. May God bring you some peace in these hectic times.
7:32am 09-19-2016
Words cannot express the horror I feel about this story, and I am so sorry for beautiful Donna, and your family. I pray that she is alive somewhere, and is able to break free.

My gut tells me this is a human trafficking thing, and I dont know why. I hope she is found. I'm praying for you all.
4:32pm 07-05-2016
Keith Sullivan

my name is Keith Sullivan. I just saw the old doctor phil show about Donna. Iam so sorry. I know how you feel I do. my sister Amy Sullivan went missing in 1996 and was murdered to this day her killer has not been found. My family knows how you feel. I PRAY to God that she be found and you have a different outcome than we have. God Bless you and dont give up
8:42am 07-05-2016
To the family on donna jou

My heart is breaking right now after learning of what happened to your beautiful daughter on dr.phil. my prayers are with you and your family treasure in your heart all of the wonderful memories of donna and may those memories bring you hope and comfort.
12:51pm 07-04-2016
Words can not express how my heart is breaking for the family and Donna as well. Today on Dr. Phil I saw the story and was just speechless at how much your family had gone through over the years trying to get justice. I never write on pages but felt a strong urge to do so today. Hopefully the rerun of the show will bring more awareness and provide more information for the family. With heart felt sympathy, Daniell
12:29pm 07-04-2016
My thoughts and prayers are with you all--this is such a tragic event I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to even attempt to endure something this horrifying.

I only just learned of your beautiful Donna courtesy of a rerun of the Dr. Phil show that featured her family left behind. I hope so badly that someday soon--as it's been too long already--you receive some answers for what truly happened and why.

Hugs to the whole family. Keep staying strong.
7:12am 06-30-2016
Reza Jou
My beautiful Donna,
Today, June 23, 2016 marks your ninth anniversary, I am as terrified as I was 9 years ago.
Don’t know what else to do beside sorrow, sobbing cries and pray for a miracle. Cannot have peace without you being present in my life.
I will mourn your missing for the remainder of my days.
Love you whole heartedly my precious daughter.
9:45am 03-20-2016
Have there been any updates on this situation since 2012 - the date of the last post on the site? So very heartbreaking.
8:36am 03-18-2016
Dear Family,

I just saw a re run of the Dr. Phil show, 3-18-2016. I lost my child to a car wreck in 2005 and I can not imagine how you cope. I have not been able to accept my child's death so I can not even begin to imagine your daily struggles. I send my heartfelt love and hope .
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