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8:23am 03-18-2016
I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I am sure by now some progress has been made?? If Not you will all be in my prayers. She was a beautiful woman. GOD BLESS!!!
7:12pm 03-17-2016
I am so heart broken for your family
I cannot even begin to imagine the pain in your hearts, nor the frustration with the system!

Praying someday you will have real answers and real justice for Donna Jou.
1:14pm 03-17-2016
Correction- Donna Jou.
1:10pm 03-17-2016
I am sadden by the recent Dr. Phil show that aired today with the disappearance of Donna Journey in 2007. My prayer for your family and love ones is that your hearts are healed and that you may continue to live and ask Congress to change laws for a stiffer sentence. I would think the law could have charged him with the intent to commit murder since it appears he answered an ad for possible tutoring but have no real Intent to obtain a service from Donna. I work in law enforcement and I believe that if they did prove he answered her ad then that is enough to charge him even though he claims someone else did it, he is the reason she came into contact with this man! Today was the first time I had ever heard of this beautiful young ladies disappearance. May God continue to uplift your family, I will continue my prayers in hopes that you will one-day find your daughter and find closure.
12:45pm 03-17-2016
I only today saw the Dr Phil show regarding the tragic loss of your beautiful daughter. I came to the website in hopes that she had been found. Please accept my condolences. My prayers are with you.
1:00am 12-19-2015
Lucia Ramirez
when i saw the show of Dr. Phil today i was hoping that by now she was safe and well. I'm so sorry, for your loss my prayers to God for her to be found one day. Sincerely.
12:51pm 12-03-2015
After reading more links on your page, I see there has been a conviction in the case. I'm so sorry for your loss. This is such a tragic story. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
12:41pm 12-03-2015
I saw this on Dr. Phil on 12/3/15 I was hoping to see that when I came to the site, that she would have been found safe. This story breaks my heart and I will pray for her safe return. Has the police charged anyone in this case 8 years later?
9:56am 10-14-2015
Reza Jou
Today is a very special day for me, Happy Birthday my precious baby.
You will forever be in my mind and heart, my heart aches for you.
I miss you so very much!
Your dad
11:32am 10-01-2015
I just saw your episode of Dr Phil, and was hoping that when I visited this website that I would find good news. I am so sorry that that is not the case. My heart breaks for your family and I am desperately hoping that you find the answers that you are looking for. I will continue to pray for her safe return.
11:27am 10-01-2015
I just saw Dr. Phil Re-run of the story of your lovely missing daughter. My heart goes out to you and your family. It must be horrible living with this pain.
3:34pm 06-23-2015
Reza Jou
My Lovely Donna,
Today is the 8th anniversary of your disappearance, an extremely difficult day for me, I don’t know how to express my profound sorrow, I will continue searching for you, my grieving will continue for the remainder of my days.
There is not a day without a sobbing cry for you, I miss you my baby.
Love you
1:15pm 12-11-2014
I also watched a rerun this morning of your family's appearance on Dr. Phil. My heart and prayers go out to each of you for the loss of Donna. I can only imagine the intense pain that has devoured your family over the past seven years. To have your loss made worse by the protection by our misguided and ineffective justice system of the rights of the evil man that took her from you is unconscionable. Where are the rights of the Jou family?
I am so very sorry for the devastation of your family after her loss. May God give you Peace and Comfort as you go forward.
11:42am 12-11-2014
Sheri Russell
I just seen a episode of Dr . Phil from 2007. I can not imagine the hurt and pain your family is feeling. I'm so sorry you all are having to deal with something like this. I have two daughters myself and can't imagine what life would be like having to experience this and getting no answers. I pray for you all to get the answers you need and that someone finally pays for the disappearance of your daughter. May god stay with you and help you all along the way. God bless you all
11:36am 12-11-2014
I just watched the rerun of the Dr. Phil show which is quite old. I went to the website and it seems to have stopped in 2012. Is this guy permanently in jail for his many felonies? I sense she was never found.
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