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9:48am 02-11-2013
Hello, I was watching the Dr. Phil Show this morning and I saw the special on your daughter. It touched my heart to hear this tragic story and I felt it was necessary to visit the site and send my deepest sympathies. My prayers go out to your family. Your strength and love for her can be clearly seen so never give up or grow wear
10:23am 11-21-2012
Reza Jou
No matter how impossible the realty may appear, I never concede defeat! You have been tricked and trapped by an evil; a sex offender, I never give up on you...
All my love
Your dad, Reza
1:47pm 11-09-2012
Reza Jou
God Bless you my baby Donna, wherever you are.
Happy Birthday my sweetheart
Love you dearly and miss you so much
You dad,Reza
14 October 2012
9:56pm 10-28-2012
Richard young
Hi Im so very sorry about this and i was watching the dr. phil show tonight on my dvr and i wanted to look donna up to see what happened in the intervineing years please know from the bottom of my heart i am sorry for what happened.
6:55am 10-27-2012
Jou Family,
I was up early this morning and caught an episode of Dr. Phil from 2008. I had to look you up because I could not stop thinking about you and your beautiful daughter and the pain I could see in all of your faces. This website emits the spirit of a lovely young lady with a beautiful heart and a beautiful family that is broken by this incident. I am so very sorry for the pain you continue to experience day after day and the failures of a justice system that has not done its duty. May God give you strength in one another and by our support as the public. Never give up....
6:45am 10-27-2012
Dear Jou family,
this story touches my heart, and I want all of you to know that you are in my prayers along with Donna. From this memorial page, I've gathered that Donna is a very intelligent, beautiful, smart, and kind young woman. I hope that one day this case will come to an end and justice will be served to you and Donna. My heart goes out to all of you. God bless!!
6:32am 10-27-2012
Magdalene I McDaniel
My heart goes out to the family. I seen the story on Dr. Phil in 2007. I never heard anymore on it yrs later. I just watch the old show again so I looked up your page. Im just sick that they let that man out of jail. I will keep praying for the family.
3:37pm 07-24-2012
Diana Tashchyan-Land
My heart aches for your family. I hope Donna receives justice. I pray that God provides you with patience and strength while going through this extremely difficult time. Be strong because I'm sure that's what your daughter would want. Live for her...
12:00pm 07-24-2012
As I read your stories, tears stream down my face. Your daughter was so young, beautiful and trusting. Its hard to believe that we live in a world with such animals like John Burgess. I am inspired by your determination to bring justice where justice is due. Please accept my sincere condolences to your entire family.
10:07am 07-24-2012
I just learned of this story by reading the news this morning. Thank God this guy was arrested again! My heart goes out to you and your family, and it is absolutely disgusting the justice system was a complete lack of justice in your beautiful daughters case. Bless her heart <3
6:55pm 07-06-2012
Marc Klaas
I am all too familiar with this scenario.
9:32am 06-28-2012
I cannot believe our justice system holds people for child support and hot checks but yet someone like this jerk gets to walk free after what he did. I'm disgusted and ashamed to call myself an American. Our justice system is a crock and I'm so sorry you are having to pay the price for it. It makes me want to protest outside his residence until he decides ive made it so miserable for him to be free, he would want to go back to jail. I am so sorry for her passing and Im so sorry our country thinks its ok to let this man be free. We have no justice system here. We need a new name for it until the "system" actually provides "justice."
6:29am 06-28-2012
I am up late watching the Dr. Phil show and saw the story about your daughter. I came to your site and was saddened to hear of how long Donna Jou has been missing. It breaks my heart. I can't understand how this man is walking free and as a young woman myself, I feel sickened and scared at what terror is out in the world. I can only imagine the pain ad anguish your family has been feeling for all these years. Furthermore, I am ashamed that this country could allow such a thing to happen.

Never give up hope. Keep her memory alive. Think of her fondly and think of her often. No matter where your daughter is, I know she is thinking of you all and of how strong you have been through this ordeal. I hope that someday you will be able to bring your daughter home.

Peace, love and well wishes to you and your family.
1:09pm 06-27-2012
My Love and Prayers are with the family. I still have hope!

2:44pm 06-23-2012

I just read your words marking this sad anniversary. I hope you and your family finally will receive a more positive development from this case soon.
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