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10:43am 10-29-2010
Donna and the Jou family will always be in my prayers.
1:34pm 10-15-2010
Dr. and Mrs. Jou, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I know how you feel, I lost my only son to a car accident 30 years ago, and the pain has never gone away. I dream of him several times each month. I know that God will take care of our children. He love's thwem to. Be comforted by His blessings. So sorry for you, and her. Kate
8:43am 10-12-2010
Dear Dr. and Mrs. Jou, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's just heartbreaking. I saw the "Vanished" special and looked you up online. How strange that of all days of the year, it seems I found your website on your daughter's birthday. I know the pain of your child's absence will never leave you, but I hope for you that through your other children you will again feel happiness and love, and eventually the joy of grandbabies, too. Bless you. -Jen
5:45pm 09-05-2010
Shabnam S
I am rather very speachless and sad after seeing a program called Young, beautifull and vanished and saw Donna there , came online and read more about her.
It is heart breaking , and I am very sorry for your loss.
If she was here with us today , she would have been a very succesfull lady like her Beautiful Family ,but now she is up in heaven ,a better place.
My prayers with you , may God give you strength to put these hard days behind you.
Bless You
6:38pm 08-30-2010
Sandra C
Dear Jou Family,
I think of your family often. Praying that justice will be done for your beautiful baby girl, Donna. This kind of agony no family should have to endure. People like Burgess should be severely punished for the monsters that they are. May your daughter's life be always remembered as the wonderful person I am sure she was. Your worth while fight is an example to the world that the tragedies against our loved ones cannot be in vein. Once we give up the fight for what is right, we give up everything worth while.I signed the petition, and encourage, if not, BEG everyone else that reads this-man, woman, parent, aunt, uncle, grand parent, sibling, etc... to do the same. I pray God ALWAYS keeps you strong, united, and at peace that you are doing all possible for Donna. That you never gave up! It is obvious to all of us following these past 3 years what a close and loving family you are. Thoughts of you always.
8:13pm 08-17-2010
still thinking of you
with love
2:12pm 07-19-2010
Dorothy Holmes Brown
As a member of Peace4the Missing I occasionally read your posts. Just to let you know others care and hoping and praying that you will not give up hope. I am the sister of 22 month old Frederick Andrew Holmes missing from Grahamsville, NY in 1955. It remains foremost in my mind all the time and I cannot give up hope that someday he will return to his family. I was 14 when Freddie went missing and I now carry on the fight as Freddie's oldest sibling since our parents are both deceased. Life can be so unfair sometimes and it is just anguishing!
Blessings and strength to carry on~DSorothy Holmes Brown
1:14am 06-23-2010
Reza and family,

I'm still thinking of you. I know what this day is and wish you strength. Also I appreciate your quest to prevent others from having to endure pain like you have experienced. Thank you.
11:37pm 06-16-2010
My thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends.

Love and Blessings~
1:05am 06-05-2010
This story has absolutely changed my life. Reza, I first met you a little over a week ago. Tears rolled down as i was reading the birthday messeges that you wrote to your loving daughter. I have once again realized what is truley important in life and how precious time is. As I have mentioned to you, i have two daughters and i know that there is nothing absolutely nothing in the universe that is of more value than one's own children.

Reza, please if you have not, listen to a song by Ritchie Valens, "Oh Donna"
I used to listen to this song since i was a ears will never hear this again, without thinking about your loved one.
2:05am 05-09-2010
Karen Hopkins
Hi Nili, I used to work with you at St. Johns and have just found out about the loss of your precious daughter Donna and wanted to give you my sincere condolences. She is such a beautiful girl and you are such a wonderful person. We miss you here in Texas and wish you all the best in your search for answers.
12:19pm 05-08-2010
I just saw Donna's story on the program Young, Beautiful, and Vanished. God bless this angel. She just wanted to help some children. God bless the Jous. Best hope and wishes.
8:12am 05-05-2010
Prayers for you.
Dear Sweet Donna, I pray that you find your way home. Your loving family is waiting for you and so are many people around the world. You deserve to be home. You are such a beautiful person. God bless you.
2:52pm 04-08-2010
Gloria Denton
Reza and Nili,
I am the Mother of missing April Beth Pitzer. When Donna first went missing Mike from trinity called me and asked me what you all needed to do, and I told him for you to contact Gloria Alred.
Donna and April both are out there in that desolate dessert, and I will help you find your beautiful Donna in any manner possible. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Please email me and let's see if I can direct you towards more help. God Bless you, Donna and April Beth. We love you, miss you and our hearts desires is to bring you both home again..God please bring our girls home to us
7:00pm 03-24-2010
Love and Prayers are with the family. I will always have hope.

God Bless~
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