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7:44pm 08-07-2011
I sit here in total disbelief that we can send man to the moon, seek out Bin Laden and KILL HIM!!! Why can't we seek out this demonic monster? He needs to be seeked out and taken to his death.
I loved her the very first time we spoke as neighbors, and still today their lies an empty hole in my heart and all of my children's hearts to have her NOT here. Dear Lord, please bring us all to our knees in order to bring her back. Mr. Burgess, May God have mercy on you. You will burn in hell. Jesus said, "Do NOT even touch one strand of hair on my childrens heads, and Mr. YOU DID.!!! God will take care of you. I miss you Donna. Love, andrea, gabby, alex, alexis
11:31am 07-13-2011
I am truly impressed with the Donna Jou webpage. I can feel the emotion in Mr. Jou's letters to his daughter - the heartfelt messages bring tears to my eyes. I commend Mr. Jou and the family's restraint of vengence upon the perpetrator - I am not so sure that I could keep my anger and desire for retaliation under control against this scumbag. I will continue to pray for Donna's safe return to her family. "God please bring Donna home safely to her family" In Jesus name I pray.
2:10am 07-01-2011
I am still thinking of you, Donna.
It is a slap in the face that the monster who knows what truly happened to you got so little time. I pray that the truth comes out, and that your family may finally have some peace regarding whatever happened to you.
It has been four years, and we only knew each other a short while, but I will never forget you.
1:09am 06-23-2011
Reza, your situation is still very much remembered. Donna is in my thoughts and still honored, too. Your additions to the site have made it beautiful. Please know that people are still thinking and caring about you and your family.
5:12pm 05-02-2011
I simply cannot believe this man is being let out after so little time. I know people serving more time for such insignificant crimes. I will pray everyday that justice will be served. I believe people who care should protest outside of this man's house and not let him have peace until he gives us more information. He is a waste. Donna is obviously a precious gift to this world and would have done amazing work for the human race. How can this happen? No one is safe.
12:12pm 04-16-2011
It is an outrage that this man is being let go. He should have been in jail alone for the charges of child molesting, if he was he would have never been free in the first place to harm this beautiful woman, Donna. After all he confessed to her murder and still only got a 5 year sentence??? and just had to serve 2 of those 5 years??? What is this world coming to?
3:47am 04-16-2011
There are three (3) messages and lessons here. First, the US justice system is flawed in many ways and needs improvement and major changes. Second, many "men" need to stop looking and treating women as "objects" or "prey." Third, many "women" need to choose the men they associate with more wisely. Hoping the Jou family can somehow find peace and comfort. Your anger and sadness is justified.
11:29am 04-15-2011
I just saw the story about our Justice System letting out another preditor that took the LIFE of your daughter, not a piece of jewlery of which two years in prison would be reasonable punishment, not your Donna Jou's LIFE. Truly an injustice our system has failed yet another family. My sincere sympathy goes out to your sorry for your loss...and now that he is being released...the loss of the next family's daughter as well...I just pray that it won't be will be somebody' will be...PRISON DOES NOT FIX their sick minds...nothing does..that's is just the way they are today and till the day they die.
6:23am 04-15-2011
8:46pm 04-13-2011
I just saw the story on the San Diego news of the upcoming release and it upsets me on so many levels. But, I want you to know Donna and your family will be in my prayers.
3:49pm 04-12-2011
It sickens me to know that this non-human being will be released from prison after only 2.5 years served! After the heinous crime he commited against your daughter, and the ernormous pain he inflicted on your family, he gets to walk away. In what law is it justice to offer only 5 years for causing the death of another human being????!!! What is wrong with the laws of this state? If he were a 3 time sex offender, what about the 3 strike law? Why was he still on the street? Why is he being released at all? I'm truly sorry for your loss, and I'm angry and sickened that this animal will be walking amongst us soon. I hope he'll meet his end in a painful, torturous way! May the Lord bless and keep you guys as you endure this.
1:30pm 04-12-2011
I really feel very sad for your loss. I was pregnant with my first child when Donna went missing. I kept hoping that she would be found. The justice system is outrageously flawed. I am really praying that Burgess is not released.
5:32am 04-12-2011
Obviously, the court system has massively failed society, and beyond any comprehensible grasp, failed this incredible woman's family. I apologize to them on behalf of all of us.

This evil should never be allowed on the street. Donna will get her justice eventually, but clearly not on this planet.
1:15am 04-12-2011
Alexandria B.
I will say a prayer for you tonight. This is an extremely unfortunate situation and this man should NOT be getting out this soon. I will try to cover this story on my blog to bring a bit more attention to the issue and perhaps eventually lead to more jail time.

God bless you!
10:10pm 04-11-2011
Deepest condolences for your loss. We have to stay on top of these dregs of society to protect other victims that they will surely hurt if they are given the chance.
Burgess should not be released, he is too dangerous.
I am horrified that Burgess is set for release and I would be thrilled to sign a petition to the Parole Board, the Governor and any other official or entity to prevent his release. See my post on my wall at FB.
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